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Video Library

Between October 2011 and September 2012 the Royal Commission held a series of public hearings. To view videos of hearings go to the Video Library. Use the search tools to find videos of interest.

Search Tools

In the 'Search for videos' box you can type a word to search the archive. Once your initial search has given results you can use this box to narrow down your results by ticking the 'search within results' box. Each added criteria will be listed in the 'Current search' box where search terms can be removed by clicking the [x]. You can also start a fresh search from any results page.

Alternatively, use one of the three drop down boxes in the sidebar to see all results for a single subject, building or speaker. From this page you can use the 'initiate a search' link to start a new search using the chosen term so you can narrow down your results as described above.

The calendar can be used to see all videos on a given day. Only highlighted days in the calendar have video content.

Daily Digest

Use the Daily Digest to find links to each day’s hearings.

Live Stream

The hearings were live streamed. The live stream page has been removed because the hearings are complete.